2024 Chile Harvest Youth Triathlon

August 2, 2024 @ 6pm


Click here for 2022 race results.

7-8 YEARS:

Swim - 50yd
Bike - 1 mile
Run - 0.5 mile

9-10 YEARS:

Swim - 100yd
Bike - 2 miles
Run - 0.5 mile

11-12 YEARS:

Swim - 150yd
Bike - 3 miles
Run - 1 mile

13-14 YEARS:

Swim - 200yd
Bike - 3 miles
Run - 1 mile

*** NOTE:

  • The youth races are competitive races sanctioned under USAT rules.
  • Races will be held entirely on the New Mexico Tech campus.
  • Age groups are determined by the participant's age on December 31, 2024 ("racing age")
  • We are UNABLE to allow anyone under the racing age of 7 years to race.

Youth Registration:

  • Register Online Here [+]
  • There are NO REFUNDS on registration.
  • All registrations must include valid USAT youth membership and must be signed by a parent or guardian - NO EXCEPTIONS

Youth Packet Pickup

Youth Fees:

  • Registration is $20 + $10 USA Triathlon annual youth membership.
  • *USAT annual youth membership required for all participants. This membership will add $10 to the registration price unless a valid USAT membership number is presented during registration.
  • Registration ends July 31, 2024 at 5:00pm and is limited to the first 75 participants.
  • Questions can be emailed to socorrostridersandriders@gmail.com
Socorro Chile Harvest Triathlon


There is always a chance of afternoon and evening rains in early August. Our plan is to hold the entire race if the pool is open for swimming. If not, we will change the course to a duathlon, with a short run at the start, in place of the swim. If the race cannot be started before 7:00pm, we may cancel the race.

At the discretion of the race director (excessive heat, weather, etc...) the course may be shortened.